Pili Nuts Combat Skin Aging

A skin specialist said that up to 90 percent of wrinkles, dark spots and other skin problems are caused by sun exposure. Our modern time offers various sunscreen and skin care products, but may contain toxic chemicals that harm human skin.

Opting for organic skin care products without harmful side effects could be the safest option to combat wrinkled, darkened and aging skin.

The Pilinut tree, also known as the tree of life can yield oil from resin or manila elemi. Pilinut tree resin contains oil known as limonene, a perfume component used in scented paper, inks, candles, fresheners and cosmetics.

Engr. Victor Raymon B. Goyena, who introduced his "Canarium" brand pilinut kernel oil during the 2011 Agrikultura Trade Fair at SM Megamall , has developed another amazing product primarily for skin rejuvenation.

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Pili combats aging skin

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Pili Nuts - "Food that gives you flawless skin"